“From Mom to ME Again” Preparing for the Empty Nest

I’m very excited to find this book by Melissa T. Shultz that really sounds like, just from the title, what I want cover in this blog.

I’m sure I’ll be posting ideas from the book as I go. Have you read it? What did you get from it that helped you?

UPDATE: Yah all ready.  So I guess until you are in this position, preparing to have an empty nest, you don’t really think about these things and I know for some people, it can slam you in the face.  However, I’m glad I looking.  As I found this book and looked into the author more, I found out that she wrote several blog posts on HuffingtonPost.com called The Pre-Empt Chronicles where she talks about transitioning into being an empty-nester.

WOW.  Here’s just one post to start with:  Do You Know What Really Happens When Your Kid Turns 18?

Again, had you found her already?  Were you slammed into empty-nesting?  Or did you try to prepare?  Or are you in the midst of preparing, like me, and are just hoping you survive?

Please share in the comments.