Just for fun – Watercolor Muddy Piglet

I painted this cute muddy piglet for a friend of mine who’s going through a rough patch. She grew up on a farm, still lives there actually, and loves pigs.

I haven’t picked up my watercolors in years, but I’ve been wanting to, so I bit the bullet and thought no time like the present.

I’ve had thoughts that I would wait to get back to my personal hobbies more when ALL of the kids are out of the house, but we are down to one, it’s musical practice season, which means he’s gone a lot and he’s very artistic as well; so I thought I’d be a good parent example to try my creative juices again.

Not perfect, but I’m not going to pick it apart. I’ve improved a lot in my OCD of perfectionism since before I had kids. I’m going to let it be good enough. My friend loved it and that’s all that matters.

What hobby do you long to get back to doing? What’s stopping you?