Rock Friends

One of my most popular Pinterest boards is one that I called Rock Friends. As a young child I got a rock friend in Utah when I was on vacation. This rock was painted gray and had some added felt items to turn it into a little mouse. I thought that was so cool as I already had a whole drawer full of pretty much just gravel rocks, which I thought was wonderful.

Now as an adult, of course, I like things a little more pretty, and one of the things I like is painting rocks. I have so many different rocks saved to my rock Friends board. They are really fun and it’s something that children can do as well.

A popular thing that is starting in many towns is to have painted rocks that you hide and people will find them and post them on a community site on Facebook and then they will rehide them someplace else. A lot of kids like to see rocks they have painted appear on the Facebook page and to see where they end up again.

Since you really can’t mess up painting a rock it, can be really relaxing and a fun project with children to paint rocks and then to go hide them.

Does your community have a rock page? Show me some of your favorite rocks!