That one time…

It was one of those weeks last week.  The week before most of the immediate family had fallen ill to the flu or a cold, I still think my poor mom had both.  Our college going daughter brought it all home and then people started dropping except for our youngest and myself.  I was filling us with essential oils and vitamin C, good food, etc.  But then my mom got really sick and I stayed home with her and by that afternoon a cold had gotten a hold of me.

This cold involved a LOT of sneezing.  During a sneezing fit the thought hit me, “Whew!  Nothing like a sneeze to remind you that you should have gone to the bathroom when you had the chance.”  There may have been a mishap, but I’m not discussing that.

Thankfully, I got over the cold much quicker than everyone else seemed to and the youngest has steered clear altogether.   Whew!  Now I’m glad all that sneezing is over!