This blog is for anyone wondering what to do as they see the nest emptying out as life moves swiftly along.  My own nest is down to one teen aged, boy fledgling, from four.  Not only are we down to one, but he is the only boy and quite a different experience.

At this point in my life, which can hit at a wide range of ages, I find myself saying, “Wait!  I forgot who I am after I support my husband, raise the children, take care of the house and work at a job.  What do I do now?  WHO am I now?”

As the youngest girl was in high school, I just kept dreading everything.  “Oh life is moving too fast, I don’t know who I am if I’m not a mother, where are all my babies going?!”  As she graduated I realized that I was going to survive and life was still moving on.  I also realized that my attitude about life needed to change.  I was only 44 and had plenty of life left to live and create.

I am not a Debbie Downer (sorry to all the Debbie’s out there, it’s just a cliche,) but that’s where my attitude was about not having my children at home any more.  I decided I was going to look at all the positive aspects of NOT having children at home any more.  Some things were immediately obvious, like free time and a cleaner home.  As I started to think in my more natural positive way, this started conversations about things my husband and I could do after the children are all out of the house.  This resulted in the Best Quote on the topic, by my son at the dinner table one night:  “Hey!  I’m right here.  I still live here you know!”  Ha!  Yes we know son, we are just planning.

So come on this journey with us (I say “us” but I bet it’s mostly me, Rayna, that will be writing) and share what new adventures you have gone on, where life has taken you, and what you want to create for your future!

Savor!  (Both the fledglings and the empty nest!)