What others are saying about Empty Nesting and Creating a new you

There are a few great blogs out there with lots of information about becoming an empty nester.  They are so varied in their take and we all would do ourselves a service to look at what’s out there and use this information to create our lives anew.

First of all, we are still parents.  I’ve always thought of this as transitioning from teacher to coach to adviser.   What about high school, college and beyond?  The ladies at Grown & Flown do a great job covering the topics of older and adult children.

Sharon, over at Empty House, Full Mind,  does an excellent job of hitting some of those deeper thoughts that you may have had.  And there’s this truth.   We didn’t do all those things with and for our children to keep them at home forever!  No!  We did all that so that they would hopefully be independent, confident, well-adjusted people.  So let’s drop the pitiful Empty Nest Syndrome attitude and move on.

Somehow, I was late in discovering the Midlife Boulevard website, but you are going to love it!  Lots of categories and women going through the same things we are and looking up and forward to a great life with adult children.

You can also find helpful tips for fashion, food, fitness, marriage and parenting at Empty Nest Blessed.

Do you frequent a website for information on your changing life?  Tell us about it!